Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Epic Fail for Hired Help

I know I need someone to do yardwork, so last week when a man was going door-to-door promoting his new gardening business, I gave him a chance.  I'm always willing to help those starting a business; I've started more than a few businesses myself and I know that first customer is crucial.
He was working hard, and doing a good job, but as soon as he realized that I'm not married, he started to hit on me every time he stopped for a drink of water.  This went beyond mere flirting -- he literally wanted to move into my house ASAP, then made a grab for my boobs.  As good a job as he was doing on the yard, I had to fire him because of the attempted sexual assault.  If he's grabbing my chest on the first day, what else is he going to try when he knows me better?  And he seemed puzzled why I was not flattered by his attentions!
I hire gardeners to garden, not to tell me that women need men to run their lives.  I don't care if your religion tells you that women should be submissive to men; if I'm paying you, I'm the boss and I make the rules.  If you cannot deal with a woman giving you orders, then perhaps you should stick to working for men!
If I have trust issues, it's because of years of dealing with people like this -- hired help who use and abuse me, steal my stuff, charge me for work that isn't done, and in other ways proved repeatedly that people aren't trustworthy.  If I've become cynical about people and their motives, it's because dealing with people has made me that way; I didn't get this way on my own.
Dr. Klimas has noted the number of her patients who have PTSD in addition to CFS, they go to a doctor with CFS and come out with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the way they were treated.  With the amount of abuse I've taken over the past 12 years since becoming disabled, it might be worth looking into whether I meet the criteria for PTSD, too.

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