Friday, July 27, 2012

An Analysis of ADA

C-SPAN (Washington Journal) is currently showing a program about ADA.  Tom Harkin, who sponsored it, has noted that it hasn't done a damn thing to increase employment among the disabled -- still, 60% of the disabled are unemployed.
Just because I have the legal right to a job does not mean that I can get one.  Employers are still resistant to hiring the disabled.  As happened to me once, they'll add something to the job description (in that instance, "must speak Chinese") so that they're turning you down for reasons other than your disability.  Once they added that extra (unnecessary) item, I was no longer qualified for the job.
There are plenty of jobs that COULD be done from home, but employers are afraid you'll goof off instead of working, so they won't hire you to work from home. 
In my case, if I have to report to an office rather than working from bed, I need "work when able", which the court has held is NOT an ADA-mandated accommodation; someone who needs a flexible schedule can't insist on it.
Someone's just written in with the observation that it's not so easy to get on Disability.  Let's see whether that sinks in with any of these closed-minded people calling and commenting about the number of fakers.  It took me 11 years, almost to the day, from the day I lost my job until the day I was approved for SSDI.  It's simply not as easy as walking in and saying "I'm disabled, gimme money."
"It's the one minority group that everyone can join." 
     -- Curtis Decker,
        Executive Director, 
        National Disability Rights Network
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