Thursday, June 28, 2012

Help for Zombies — A Special Report

Help for Zombies — A Special Report

Dear Readers,

Have you been feeling like a zombie lately? You're not alone! But new research is again showing more reason for hope.

In a new study published yesterday in the Open Pain Journal involving 53 different health clinics, 257 people with CFS and fibromyalgia who felt like zombies were fed 5 grams of ribose 3 times a day for 3 weeks [Editor's note: the zombie part is just my assumption;-)]. At the end of the three weeks, participants' energy levels increased by an astounding average of 61%. In addition, sleep, pain, mental clarity, and overall well-being improved.

This study confirmed what we had seen in an earlier study. Here are the numbers:

203 people completed the 3 week trial. Consuming D-ribose led to both statistically (p<.0001) and clinically highly significant average improvements in all categories:

  • 61.3 % increase in energy
  • 37% increase in overall well-being
  • 29.3% improvement in sleep
  • 30% improvement in mental clarity
  • 15.6% decrease in pain

At the end of the study, improvement was continuing to increase, suggesting that continued supplementation with ribose would be associated with an even greater improvement. The current double-blind placebo-controlled study, which is being done at eight research centers, is being extended to 12 weeks to see at what point the benefit levels out.

So for those of you feeling like zombies, here's your chance to get a big boost in energy — so you no longer have to feel like you're in a "Night of the Living Dead" movie!

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Love & blessings,

Dr. T

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