Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chase Community Giving 2013

A new Chase
Community Giving (CCG) Contest began June 12, 2012. Millions of dollars will be given to non-profits. In previous CCG Contests,
ME/CFS organizations have won a combined total of $185,000 (PANDORA, The CFIDS
Association, the WPI, IACFS/ME, cfsknowledgecenter, and Massachusetts CFIDS).
Previous winners are ineligible in the current contest.

The CCG Contest
is for 501(c)(3) public charities, which were listed at as of 12/31/2011. To be
eligible, charities must have annual operating expenses of under $10 million
and must meet all eligibility requirements at

There will
be 196 winners in the National Contest. The prizes are as follows:

One $250,000
prize to the top voter-getter; and runners-up: ten $100,000 prizes; thirty-five
$50,000 prizes; fifty $20,000 prizes; and, one hundred $10,000 prizes.

Nomination Period runs through July 9, 2012. This year charities
must be nominated by a Chase customer with online Chase access at The Chase customer
may nominate an unlimited number of organizations, but may not nominate the
same charity twice. The list of charities eligible to be nominated are accessible to online Chase customers at

Early Charity
Acceptance Period starts August 6, 2012 and ends August 30, 2012. All eligible
charities which accept the nomination by August 30, 2012 will share in a
special $2.5 million grant (separate from the contest prizes) if they receive at least one vote during the Voting Period.

Charity Acceptance Period begins August 31, 2012 and goes through September 19,
2012. Eligible charities which did not previously accept the nomination may do
so during this period. An eligible charity must accept the nomination by September
19, 2012 to be eligible for a National Program prize.

The Voting
Period lasts from September 6, 2012 to September 19, 2012. Eligible voters
include Facebook users and Chase customers with online Chase access. Online
Chase customers get two votes to be used for two different charities. Facebook
users must allow "Access" to the CCG application to receive two votes. These
votes must be cast for two different charities. Facebook users may earn a Bonus
Vote by allowing "Access" to the CCG app and sharing information from the app
with their Friends on Facebook. If one of their Facebook Friends accesses the
app and votes, a Bonus Vote is awarded to the original voter. The Bonus Vote
may be cast for any eligible charity, including a charity for which the voter
has already cast a vote. Facebook users who are also online Chase customers may
cast two votes for the same charity—one through Facebook and one at If they receive a
Bonus Vote, they are allowed to vote a third time for the same charity. Chase
online customers who are Facebook users and also receive a Bonus Vote receive the maximum number of five votes.

Winners will
be announced around September 20, 2012.

For Complete Rules, please go to


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