Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All in the mind? Why critics are wrong to deny the existence of CFS

"This week is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Awareness Week or, as it's more accessibly referred to these days: M.E. That may not mean a great deal to you. Certainly, it didn't to me.  Oh wait, yes it did.  Based on no personal knowledge whatsoever - fortunately neither I or my loved ones have M.E. - my judgement was gleaned from how the world has portrayed the illness."
"Through 'Voices...' - and the subsequent research I have conducted - I have come to realise that what I thought I knew about the illness was a fallacy but, more importantly than that, was actually detrimental to those affected.  So, as a naturally curious individual (I'm not a journalist by mistake) I began to question why I had been furnished with one version of events - and inaccurate ones at that.  The more I began to delve into the subject the more curious it all became."
Myth No. 1: ME is a mental illness
Myth 2: ME is just extreme tiredness, right?
Myth No. 3: M.E. is just like a bad flu
Myth No. 4: M.E. sufferers should just 'pull themselves together'
Myth No. 5: Only adults have M.E.
Myth No. 6 - You can 'catch' M.E.
Myth No. 7: Real M.E. sufferers are few and far between
Myth No. 8: Only severe cases of M.E. are worth acknowledging
Myth No. 9: Children with M.E. have neglectful parents Myth No. 10: Physical exercise will benefit M.E. sufferers
Myth No. 11 - M.E. is not life-threatening
Myth No. 12: M.E. is an excuse not to work
"So, for M.E. Awareness Week, let us be clear. M.E. is comparable to AIDS and cancer and all the other vicious and uncompromising diseases that savage the body and, in some extreme cases, kill it completely."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2141230/All-mind-Why-critics-wrong-deny-existence-chronic-fatigue.html#ixzz1uJA0gOUK

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