Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yes, I'm once again behind on posting info to the blog.  I am a CFS patient with limited energy.  My top priority is my paying work.  My next priority is household chores.  This blog is something I do when I have time and energy to spare.  It's a benefit to others but provides no benefit to me -- I don't get paid to do it, other than the psychic compensation of hearing from people the blog has helped -- so it is not and never will be my top priority.
I do my best, but sometimes life gets in the way.
Sometimes life forces its way in.  I am disabled and on a limited income.  Hired help either doesn't do the chores at all or does them in ways that I have to spend time undoing them, so for the most part, it's wasted money.
Following a big storm last month, I was cited by the City because my yard wasn't cleaned up promptly.  The friend I called to help picked a fight so he could stomp off leaving the work undone.  So everything else in life had to be put on hold for several days while I did what a healthy person could have done in a couple hours.  And since that took several days out of my schedule, I fell further behind on things like this blog.
So all I can do is ask for your patience as I find time to read through the backlog of information to look for things worth sharing here.  I know some people would like keeping up this blog to be my top priority, or, in fact, my only obligation, but that's not going to happen.

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