Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think it's important that CFS patients stop defending all the "psychological" claims.

The word 'psycho' should not even be acknowledged, even it were to come up in dialogue.

I believe that it is human nature that once a word is used repetitiously, that when the other party leaves the conversation, what they remember is the word that came up the most.

I recommend that CFS patients IGNORE any such statement, DON'T be defensive, and simply state what CFS is.

In the Corporate World, we called this an 'elevator speech.'  If you have 20secs to get your point across to a stranger what would you say? 

Would you waste your time defending what it's not or instead stating what it is?

"CFS/ME is a multi-system disease adversely affecting the heart, brain, immune system, nervous system, circulatory systems and muscles, including post-exertional malaise and neurological/cognitive manifestations."

Consistent marketing is very important. 

Let's just keeping stating what it is!

Be well.

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