Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stem Cell Scheme: FBI Arrests Three Men Allegedly Peddling Miracle Cure

Wonder when they're going to crackdown on all the people peddling miracle cures to desperate CFS patients? 
One doctor I was pointed to by someone who was trying to help, had on his website that his cure rate was less than 20%, and when I called the office to inquire whether I could even take his magic pills due to my numerous allergies, they refused to even tell me if I was allergic to anything in his concoction until I paid a huge amount of cash for a first appointment (the doctor's office didn't take insurance).  Enough about him and his website raised red flags that I opted not to spend my money.  It sounded to me like the 20% he was curing had "chronic fatigue" as a symptom rather than "Chronic Fatigue SYNDROME".
Yes, my level of fatigue increases when I don't sleep well (DUH!), but even when the insomnia is fixed I have residual symptoms.  For me, insomnia is a symptom, not the root cause.

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