Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pregnancy and ME/CFS

To the best of my knowledge, no actual research studies have been done on the effects of pregnancy on CFS (or vice versa).  Anecdotal evidence goes both ways -- my doctor told me to avoid it because some patients become permanently bedridden from the stress on their already-fragile bodies, other patients have reported feeling better than ever.  One patient told me that she felt so wonderful that she would love to be perpetually pregnant (her husband, however, drew the line at supporting six children).
Since there's been no research, we really don't know if the virus will pass to the baby during pregnancy or via breast-feeding.  We do know that there are children born to PWC mothers who've had CFS since infancy, though we're not sure how and when the baby was infected.
If you really want to have children, can't imagine life without them, understand that there may be risks involved.  We just aren't sure what they are.

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