Sunday, January 15, 2012

Help Wanted: Creative Thinkers


"For creativity is not just defined by untethered, high-flying talent that flashes like lightning then fades into the darkness. It requires sustainability. It includes, to overlapping degrees, risk taking, genre-mixing skill, an aptitude for improvising and -- above all -- passion. Experts make a distinction between everyday creativity and big-C Creativity, and Wilson has the latter in spades.

"Big-C creators do not necessarily think differently than the rest of us, but they are more open to new ideas, acquire some degree of domain expertise and are highly motivated to pursue an idea until they have realized its creative potential," says psychologist and creativity expert Dean Keith Simonton."

* * *

Unfortunately, most scientists are given to linear thought and aren't all that creative.  Some find it very hard to think outside the box.

And then there are those of us patients who lack the knowledge to know where the boundaries of the box are, and wander up to the scientists to ask "would this work?"  I know just enough about science to make sense of what I'm reading.  Therefore, I legitimately don't know whether something could work when I make such a connection.  It just, to me, seems logical.  Sometimes the science geek will have a rational explanation for why it won't work, and other times he'll ponder and agree that it just might be possible.

What CFS needs is that rare combo of a scientist with enough backbone to buck the system, enough creativity to think outside the box, and the intelligence to make the crazy theory workable.  Not another one who takes the easy way out and concludes that fatigue=depression, next case!




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