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You Get Light-Headed When You Stand Up Quickly

The explanation: You could be mildly dehydrated. Or you might have orthostatic hypotension (a.k.a. postural hypotension), which occurs when blood rushes to your feet and away from your head as you stand up suddenly. (People with low blood pressure can be especially prone to this phenomenon.)
The fix: Drink plenty of fluids and be sure that when you stand up, you do it slowly, says Donnica Moore, a physician in Far Hills, New Jersey. If you see stars anyway, grab a table or a chair to stabilize yourself or sit back down.
When to see a doctor: If the light-headedness persists or if you actually faint.

XMRV Global Action's transcript of Dr Mikovits' interview with radio KRCB

XMRV Global Action's transcript of Dr Mikovits' interview with radio KRCB Jan 14, 2011
.by XMRV Global Action on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 5:58pm.
The content is very familiar but here's the transcript for those of you who just can't get enough XMRV, and are interested in what was said.... May also save you the time of listening to it :)
XMRV Global Action's partial transcript of Dr Mikovits' interview with radio KRCB
Bruce Robinson for KRCB interviews Dr. Judy Mikovits,
January 14, 2011
A recently discovered virus called XMRV has been associated with two very different medical conditions.
Dr. Mikovits:
We've identified a new family of human retroviruses, known as the gammaretroviruses, of which XMRV is the first to be isolated, which we did last year, and those are implicated now in CFS, a neurological disease, as well as the original discovery implicated them as playing a role in prostate cancer.
That's Judy Mikovits… she explains that this human retrovirus, only the 3rd such virus already identified, seems to amplify the effects of disease.  She adds that it may also come to be used as a biological marker for the early identification of those men most at risk for aggressive prostate cancers.
Dr. Mikovits:
The virus is present in the most aggressive types of prostate cancer.  Right now, we take a "watch and wait" attitude because we don't know in which person the cancer will kill them, and in which the cancer will be controlled by the immune system.  But if this is a biomarker of the most aggressive cancer, then we can have a better treatment protocol and save millions of dollars in public health by not treating people who don't need treatment as early, and really change the way we treat prostate cancer.
Association with CFS
… We have associated XMRV with a significant portion of the cohorts throughout America, and the group of Dr Lo and Alter at the FDA and NIH confirmed that on the East Coast.  There have been several groups also in Spain, Norway and Belgium where we have identified the virus, very high numbers of CFS.
… Recent research suggests that 4% or more of all Americans may be infected with the retrovirus, which is called that because it reverses a section of DNA.  Mikovits says those carriers can be identified with a series of tests.
Dr. Mikovits:
We don't know where inside the body right now is the major reservoir of the virus, where it's hiding.  So we test by culturing the virus out of every patient's blood.  We also look for the immune response, so if you're making the antibodies to the retrovirus, then you are infected with the retrovirus.
But when there is a positive test, she adds, the infection is there to stay.
Dr. Mikovits:
The DNA of the virus is integrated into your cells for the life of those cells, so it is a lifelong infection.
Because XMRV was only recently identified and isolated, its possible effects and associations are quite controversial, and they are only beginning to be studied.  New areas of inquiry include possible associations with Lyme Disease, breast cancer, and other cancers.

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Vaccine-autism researcher should be prosecuted -

"Scientific fraud is a very serious matter. From a fiscal standpoint, it is essentially stealing money. Whether the funding comes from taxpayers, charities or private sources, there is an expectation that the recipients of such largesse act in good faith and honesty. Any knowledge produced from this funding then enters the public domain via scientific journals. Thus, when a scientist fabricates data, he is not only squandering limited financial resources but is also violating the public's trust. "Even worse, when a scientist commits fraud, he misleads his fellow colleagues for years, if not decades. Thousands of hours and millions of dollars are often wasted disproving the research, and those precious assets could have been better spent elsewhere. In this case, the scientific community has been wasting its resources on Wakefield's theory for 13 years."
* * *
And three decades have been lost in CFS research because of scientific fraud.

Mind-body: How mental, physical pain are linked – The Chart -

"When I tell people that I am a psychiatrist who treats mental illness, but studies the immune system, they usually scratch their heads in confusion because the immune system and the mental world don't seem to go together. But they do, and the fact that they do has given me and my colleagues an amazing vantage point for understanding how the brain and the body work together"

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THE NICEGUIDELINES BLOG: Why exercise is bad for ME/CFS

XMRV Science may be ugly but patients do NOT make antibodies to lab contaminants

The battle over the health care bill - Fact Checker

Art for XMRV

idea is to get artists with ME/CFS/XMRV+ to contribute 4 or 5 works that can be
added to the page for sale. Everyone who contributes must agree to help
promote the page, by adding a link to your FB or blog. 100% of the
earnings will be donated to the WPI. Your name will of course be
credited to your works. If you have something to contribute please
email your work to
View and enjoy Art 4 XMRV's Art. Art 4 XMRV is a collaboration between artists who have all been impacted, directly or indirectly, by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

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URGENT need case studies

What abuse have people with ME especially children and teenagers experienced at the hands of health professionals? Local authorities?
Thrown into swimming pools?
What deaths have there been?
What good experiences have helped empower you?
Also research news. I know about things like Ampligen, XMRV, Gow, Kerr, white cell research, Sophie Mirtz death. ME 25% group.
Due to M.E. I've used an electric wheelchair since 1997 and have since qualified as a psychotherapist / counsellor and lifecoach plus I am an experienced trainer. I have no doubt ME is caused by biological physical pathogens.
A former BBC journalist I did the 1998 media relations for the lobby of parliament on M.E.
Any help much appreciated even quick links etc.
Best wishes to all living with painful M.E.
Penny Bould MBACP
Based Warwick in Warwickshire

Penny Bould MBACP
Empowering Positive Change
(Please accept my apologies for any errors - I have acquired mild dyslexia)

Qualified Registered Integrative Psychotherapist / Counsellor & Lifecoach
Working with Adults, Couples, Families, Children, Adolescents & Organisations on a wide range of issues

Experienced Facilitator & Trainer
Have lectured at universities & colleges & taught trainee doctors, psychotherapists,
clinical psychologists, social workers & organisation leaders

Experienced Consultant in Disability Access & Awareness
The Winner of European Commission UK Certificate Breaking Barriers Award 2000

Experienced Internal & External Public Relations Consultant
(ex BBC News & National Newspaper broadcaster & journalist, former MIPR)

Please note that I have acquired mild dyslexia and so the email might contain errors for which I apologise.Unless otherwise clearly stated this email with any intended attachment(s) is sent on my own behalf and does not represent the views of any organisation or political party or company. This email, its content and any files sent with it are sent with good intent and without prejudice. Unless permission to distribute is clearly given in writing by me then the contents are private and confidential and are intended only for the addressee. If you are not the addressee, you may not print, copy, use or rely on the contents, attachments or information in any way except with the express written permission of the sender. If this email has been sent to you in error please do contact the sender. If this email has been sent to you in error kindly destroy it, forget its contents and do not repeat its contents to any person or store all or any part of its contents
in any way. This email has been prepared using information believed by the author to be reliable and accurate, but I make no warranty as to its accuracy or completeness. I especially do not accept changes made to this email after it was sent. I own the copyright, intellectual and moral property rights in my spoken and written word(s) and all rights are reserved and as the author I assert my right to be identified as the author and to be paid at a fee (which should be a fee agreed by me in advance) if my words are published in any form in any written, broadcast or internet or any other form of publication or communication. I assert the right for my words not to be published dependent upon my clearly declared wishes.  Publication may only be permitted with my prior permission which is clearly and accurately recorded or in writing.

A Call to Doctors: How to Alienate your Patients

A Call to Doctors: How to Alienate your Patients

8. Contradict and invalidate your patent's story.

For best results, come right out and tell your patients that their experiences and perceptions are impossible.

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De Meirleir on Retrovirus

Retrovirus in European patients: De Meirleir confirms NIH/FDA & WPI findings (in FRENCH)

Study results will be shared at the Sept. 7&  8 international XMRV conference


Google translation of article below

Discovery: a new virus could cause chronic fatigue

Magazine - Health Sciences and Tues, August 24, 18:46

Researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Belgian company biotech RED Laboratories "are able to identify a new retrovirus in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, said Tuesday the VUB in a statement. These results corroborate a recent American discovery.

U.S. researchers from the University of Nevada were discovered in October 2009, the majority of patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome were carriers of a new retrovirus XMRV. Before the Belgian study, the U.S. findings had been confirmed by the Harvard Medical School and the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Research conducted under the direction of Professor De Meirleir (VUB) is a novelty because the virus has been found in sick patients from across Europe.

Moreover, the immunological signature is comparable to that of a patient with AIDS.

This new discovery will be presented on September 7 and 8 coming at a workshop of the National Institute of Health in Washington.


Découverte: un nouveau virus pourrait causer la fatigue chronique

Magazine - Sciences et Santé mar 24 août, 18:46

Des chercheurs de la Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) et de la société belge de biotechnologie "R.E.D. Laboratories" sont parvenus à identifier un nouveau rétrovirus chez les patients souffrant du syndrome de fatigue chronique, a annoncé mardi la VUB dans un communiqué. Ces résultats corroborent une découverte américaine récente.

Des chercheurs américains de l'Université du Nevada avaient découvert, en octobre 2009, que la majorité des patients souffrant du syndrome de fatigue chronique étaient porteurs d'un nouveau rétrovirus XMRV. Avant l'étude belge, ces conclusions américaines avaient déjà été confirmées par la Harvard Medical School et par l'Institut national de la santé (National Institute of Health).

La recherche menée sous la direction du professeur De Meirleir (VUB) constitue une nouveauté car le virus a été découvert chez des patients malades issus de toute l'Europe.

Par ailleurs, cette signature immunologique est comparable à celle d'un patient atteint du sida.

Cette nouvelle découverte sera présentée les 7 et 8 septembre prochains lors d'un workshop de l'Institut national de la santé à Washington.


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