Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rampant Disability Fraud?

"Given the success rate of the "stop a benefit fraud" hotline is only 0.31%, a large number of people are being maliciously accused of benefit fraud. Such malicious people should be subject the criminal law similar to wasting police time."
Several years ago, the State of Connecticut launched a million-dollar disability fraud investigation and found only six people in the entire state who were deemed able to work.  It'll take decades to recoup the cost of that investigation.
Meanwhile, government contractors who fleece them for a million dollars a year go uninvestigated.
Remember those numbers: 1/3 of one percent, and six people, next time someone complains in your presence about fraudulent disability claims.
Someone within my own family has argued that the guy across the street must be committing disability fraud because he's able to do yard work, fix cars, etc.  In fact, it's entirely possible that he has a psychiatric condition that leaves him unable to cope with stress, but physically able to do things on his own schedule.  (Reports on his obnoxious personality leave me with no question that he's unemployable, though I certainly don't have the psych background to make a diagnosis.)


Phillip Lyle said...

awesome, so based on your strategy, if I'm a big enough ahole, I can avoid work and live on the dole.

CFS Facts said...

Well, that's not exactly what I said. You'd have to get the requisite number of psychiatrists and work supervisors to vouch for it that you have a diagnosable condition that makes it impossible for you to function in the workplace. It's not as easy as just walking in and saying "gimme money".

But, yes, if you are unable to get along with people and keep getting fired because of your psychiatric condition, then you would meet the SSDI criteria of being unable to MAINTAIN gainful employment.

However, SSDI does occasionally verify eligibility, so if your neighbors and relatives say "he's the sweetest man", that would prove you're committing fraud if you're collecting based on obnoxious personality.