Sunday, December 25, 2011


Not one bit of decoration in my house this year.  I made the considered decision a couple weeks ago that it was more important to "be normal" for a day and go to The Messiah that a friend was directing, rather than invest the energy in decorations that only I would see.  It was worth a couple days of exhaustion afterward to do something that I used to do and enjoy being out among people who don't know me and therefore don't know that I'm disabled.
A friend took me out for Chinese yesterday and we got enough leftovers to get through today without cooking.  It just works out that today is pretty cold (started below freezing), so I'm just as thankful to spend the day curled up in a warm bed than standing in the kitchen (the coldest room in the house for some reason) cooking.
The only present I had to open today was a gift from a fibro-friend.  The residents of her senior/disabled complex put together a book of simple and inexpensive recipes -- the ones they cook themselves now that they're old and/or feeble -- which she thought would be useful for me.
The only thing that makes my Christmas "normal" is that one of my local radio stations has been doing non-stop Christmas music for three days.
To those who think that CFS is an imaginary concept for those who simply don't want to work, think again.  The reality is, our houses are dirty and undecorated because we are too ill to do the work; we spend holidays alone because no one wants to drive over to fetch us or cut their own partying short to drive us home when we run out of energy; there's no Christmas dinner of the sort you expect, because we can't afford either the energy or the money to put on a big holiday production.
And to those of you who, like me, are celebrating alone either by choice or by chance, remember that you are never "alone" -- your fellow patients are with you in spirit.  Through online support groups such as ours,, you can share the day with others who are likewise stuck at home and in bed.
With wishes for a happy and HEALTHY 2012!

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