Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Message from Dr.Judy's husband

Lilly Meehan writes:

I have just spoken to David, Judy's husband, who asked me to get
the following message out to the patient community. Dr. Mikovits and
the WPI are in negotiations right now, and the criticism coming from
the patient community towards the WPI is not helping Dr. Mikovits.

They ask that everyone please hold off on their criticism of the WPI
for the sake of Dr. Mikovits and the negotiations in progress.

Many have asked me what they can do to help, and at the moment this is what
you can do: please, everyone, despite the strong feelings everyone is
experiencing, please back off in the furor being expressed online and
in direct contact with the WPI.

Please stop and urge your friends tostop. Later today Dr. Mikovits'
husband is planning to send a direct
message, but for now has asked me to convey this message to all of
you. Permission to repost

   This message has been reviewed and approved by David, husband of
Dr. Mikovits.

   Thank you everyone,

   Lilly Meehan

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