Monday, November 21, 2011

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Silent Suffering

These drugs, Ampligen and Retuxin, with their hint of hope in a dark sky, raise a basic societal issue: Is it better for society to pay to make hundreds of thousands of citizens well enough to work, or is the externality of lost work too hard to figure into public health policy and budgeting?
* * *
Dr. Jason estimates the annual loss to be $26B in income.  Rough figures, that equates to $5B in lost tax revenue every year.  That would help balance the Federal budget, if only they'd do what needs to be done to get us healthy and back to work.
Instead, they point the finger at patients, blaming us for not recovering enough to get back to work rather than at themselves for not doing enough to find the cure that gets us back to work.   

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