Friday, November 11, 2011

25% ME GROUP Support Group for Severe M.E. Sufferers

By Dr. Dowsett
What Are the Facts: the tools we can use today to study the brain offer possibilities which were unimaginable 50 years ago. These include Molecular Biology: for example PCR – a microbiological technique capable of amplifying and identifying minute fragments of viral genes, hidden away in internal organs (such as brain, heart or muscle) while a test for rapid diagnosis (within five hours) is currently available. These tests indicate that viruses from the polio group, or related to it, are involved both in the late effects of ME and the Post Polio Syndrome. Brain Imaging: the use of CT, MRI, SPECT and PET scans clearly indicates that metabolic dysfunction in the brain stem and the spinal nerve radiations which transverse it, are initially associated with viral (inflammatory) damage and are the major cause of the cardinal symptoms of ME – central fatigue, stress induced weakness, autonomic nervous dysfunction and the breakdown of homoeostasis over hormonal and other vital functions.

Conclusion: Modern technology has now served to confirm and to detail the meticulous clinical and scientific observations made about ME before 1988! We can rest assured that this serious disability can arise (like polio) from an initially trivial infection which has epidemic and pandemic potential but we need to give further thought to any name change. We should, instead, be making maximum use of modern and effective means of diagnosis, prevention and management.

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