Thursday, October 6, 2011

The War Has Lost A Soldier, But Gained An Angel

"She was pushed around in the medical system, and the more that she needed help, the more battle scars she began collecting. You see, our modern medical system is full of too much ego, and not enough compassion. Amberlin's illness was a mysterious one, and doctors brushed her off when they did not have the answers."
* * *
Three-quarters of CFS patients report unacceptable interactions with the medical profession.  The average doctor may not have the ability to do the research to cure us, but he DOES have the ability to change his attitude and offer compassion instead of arrogance. 
There is no sin in saying "I don't know".  In fact, in law school, we're taught to say that -- it gives us time to read up on the subject and come back with specifics instead of a gut reaction that may be wrong.
I've had doctors verbally abuse me for "refusing to get well".  Damn few who said anything along the lines of "I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly" or took an interest in looking for answers.  Much faster and easier for them to slap a psych label on me than to listen and sort out the symptoms to figure out why the easy-answer psych label is wrong.
The best thing doctors can do for patients is to shelve the ego and open the heart.

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