Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Techniques to Help with Physical Pain | Psychology Today

"I want to make it clear that I don't have a negative view of pain medication. I think it's misguided that so many people regard the taking of pain medication as a sign of weakness. We're told "no gain" or "push through the pain." I suspect that people who offer this type of advice have never suffered from chronic pain. Everyone has to find what's right for his or her body."
More words of wisdom from PWC Toni Bernhard
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As Dr. Teicheira points out, we don't refer to a diabetic as an "insulin addict" so why do we criticize others who need prescription medication to function as "Vicodin addicts"?
I've tried all the self-help out there, and some days the only thing that makes a dent is Vicodin.  If it keeps me upright and working, it's necessary.


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Michelle said...

These are all good techniques that do help out a little in the middle of a flare. I would definitely not rule out medication, though. Just do these things in addition to your normal dosage instead of taking more or something.