Monday, October 17, 2011

Symptom Questionnaire

ME is such a complex disease; it can very difficult indeed , especially with
brain fog and cognitive dysfunction, separating out and listing  the many
symptoms that someone might have. Based upon the Canadian Criteria and our
own long  experience, we have constructed a simple  tool, which we hope
will greatly help people with ME to identify and easily list their

A comprehensive ME symptom list is presented, on the left. If the person
ticks any symptoms that apply to them , the  ME Symptom Tool will generate
an individualized symptom list, on the right.

If the person has any extra symptoms, not listed, they can easily add them
to  their list,before printing.

We have tried to make the tool as easy to use and as "ME - friendly " as
possible. This is only a first version; we would greatly appreciate any
feedback, comments or suggestions for  future  development.

The ME Symptom Tool can be found here :

Greg Crowhurst
(The Lived Experience of Severe ME)

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