Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quickly search 11 languages of CFS/FM news

Dr. Marc-Alexander Fluks notes:

 I've written an 2700-line JavaScript programme to read the latest CFS/FM news
 in 11 languages (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian,
 Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish) and 7 services (Lists, Politics,
 Products, Science, Search, Topics, Translator). From now on, anyone can find
 the latest CFS/FM news: your computer will do the job for you.
The programme will also search and translate other news topics in the above
 languages. Deeplinks are supported (see below); the update frequency running
 from a few seconds to once a day (default: 15 minutes).
Variables are added to the URL to tell the programme what to do. The programme
 itself determines how to define these variables and to link to the 32 subpages
 present in the script.
The URL is,
 - The latest CFS/FM news in English,
 - The latest CFS/FM news in English, news update: 1 hour.
 - The latest CFS/FM science news,
 - The latest XMRV news in English,
 - The latest Rituximab news in Norwegian,
 Translate Norwegian into other languages,

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