Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Message from Dr. Judy

Message from Judy Mikovits re- WPI research programme UK and Ireland;

To UK/Ireland and all others in the Mikovits Research studies:

I am writing this note today to reassure everyone who consented into the
Research program of the WPI including but not limited to the 5 year R01
pathophysiology of ME/CFS, that as Principal investigator, I have the legal
right to continue that research at another institution and to take with me the
samples and materials and supplies purchased for the sole purpose of that
research. Since the sudden closing of the WPI research program on September
30th, I have been in active discussion with several institutions who are
enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate with me in this important
research. I strongly encourage you to voice your support by emailing me at
jamikovits@gmail.com. As you know, your consent form stated that you could
withdraw from these studies at any time. The funding agencies need to know
that you will withdraw your consent if the research is not done under my
direction and thus two years of precious samples and resources will be wasted.
Emails from participants in support of me continuing my research will
greatly help me. I deeply appreciate not only your participation in my research
but also your ecards, emails, encouragement and most importantly your
trust in my integrity during this difficult time.


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