Monday, October 24, 2011

'It's a shameful state of affairs' | This is Bristol


THERE is never a mention about quality of care for people suffering for decades with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) in their own homes. Yet they are victims of the same types of neglect reported after unannounced inspections of NHS hospitals, by the Care Quality Commission (CQC calls for action to improve care for older people, press release, October 13, 2011), including basic nutrition, personal needs and social isolation, often failing to meet legal standards, never mind any consideration of decency. This is because (a) no one from the Commission, or anyone else, ever visits them and (b) many people with ME don't have a carer anyway – no one. It may be that some readers were genuinely not aware of this shameful state of affairs, which may leave ME sufferers unwashed and not properly fed for months at a time, because they are unable to call out for help for themselves. But now this organisation has done so, on their behalf, there is no excuse for it to continue, is there? Sadly, I think it will.

Dr John H Greensmith

ME Community

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