Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dr. Peterson Talks

"he well remembered telling a well known researcher early on that some of his patients' TNF-a readings were as high as 50,000 and being told that was impossible because they would be dead."
"The Conspiracy Theory Tunnel - He believes it would be a huge mistake for the ME/CFS community to go down the conspiracy theory tunnel. Dr. Peterson has been involved in ME/CFS since Incline Village since the 1980s and he's very clear about all the problems ME/CFS has had getting recognition. Has an almost criminal lack of attention for ME/CFS been present? Yes. Do some researchers not believe the disease is real? For sure. Does bureaucratic inefficiency and inertia dog progress in ME/CFS? Absolutely. Has some cabal set out to undermine legitimate findings in the disorder? No way. He was emphatic that that was not true and that he felt there was no cheese down that tunnel for the ME/CFS community. The hyper-aggressive patients impugning researchers' integrity are, from his stance, only hurting the community and their own chances for help."

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