Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Another Bloggerama Day Cometh!

Andrea Pring
OK, I'm going to organise another bloggerama day. So, start thinking about
what you are going to write. If you haven't got a blog then start one
TODAY - it's easy and free ( _www.blogspot.com_ ( or
_www.wordpress.com_ ( )- you need to speak up about
your disease. Now is not the time to run and hide. The bloggerama theme
will be what the disease is doing to you, how you are affected day to day and
what your hopes for the future are. Spread the word.

Hopes for the future?
Well, since most of the things that have been clinical trialled seemed to
only help those sick 5 years or less, and I'm coming up on 25 years in a
few months, it appears my only hope is that they find a cure for the next
generation because it's too late for me.

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