Friday, September 9, 2011

Prevent Fibromyalgia With Sleep

And one more thing that's not on their list, DEMAND your doctor give you sleeping pills.  If he refuses, get a new doctor.  Preferably in another medical group.
When I finally saw a consultant doctor, who reviewed every word of my medical records, he asked what they'd given me for pain and/or sleep, because he didn't see any such prescriptions.  I said he didn't see them because none were ever written, despite repeated requests.  He looked shocked, "what would it have hurt to give you sleeping pills?"
The answer, it would've hurt the doctor's ego to admit that I was right and he was wrong about the diagnosis and proper treatment. 
As long as he was so invested in "post-divorce depression" he was never going to accept the reality that I was trapped in a cycle of pain preventing sleep and lack of sleep exacerbating pain.  I thought I could eventually convince him to give me the right pills after demonstrating that anti-depressants didn't help, but I was wrong.  Then I went to other doctors in the same medical group, who were more concerned with covering up their colleagues' malpractice than in getting me the proper treatment I needed.

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