Monday, September 26, 2011

Medical Professionals With CFS

      About Medical Professionals/Persons With CFIDS

MPWC was formed in 1993 by Gail Dahlen and Meghan Shannon to give MPWC's
an opportunity to coordinate their efforts, support each other, and make
a difference for all PWC's.
MPWC keeps an updated and completely confidential registry of medical
persons with CFIDS. This group includes nurses, MD's, medical
technologists, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists,
psychologists, medical office personnel, and any other person who was in
any way associated with a medical profession. Just as with other PWC's,
some MPWC's are still able to work, some are able to work only
part-time, and some are totally disabled. We are the only group who has
kept ongoing information on medical persons with CFIDS. MPWC has also
conducted surveys on the name since 1993.
MPWC participates in a variety of advocacy and awareness activities. We
are now the official representative of BRAME in the US. We have joined
over 20 other countries,joining BRAME (Blue Ribbon for Awareness of
M.E.) around the world, and are in contact with many other persons,
researchers and medical as well as non-medical persons world-wide.
We have successfully approached several medical magazines such as
Advance/Laboratory and MT Today to do stories about CFIDS, specifically
about CFIDS in the medical professions. We feel that it is extremely
important that others who work in medical fields are aware of the
inordinate number of MPWC's and the significant number of CFIDS
"clusters" in medical settings such as hospitals, medical laboratories,
and physician's offices.
If you are a medical professional interested in joining MPWC, write to
the webmaster <> for further information. We
have a lot of good and GREAT plans, ideas and projects in the
future.....and are in the process of applying for non-profit status will want to be a part of these plans!!

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