Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dr. Oz on Chronic Pain (or Chronic Pain on Dr. Oz)

 Dr. Oz on Chronic Pain (or Chronic Pain on Dr. Oz)
116 million of us have chronic pain, and doctors have not been taking pain seriously enough – but it's real
patients use words like "frustrating", "feel invisible", "dismissed"
one who was told she was just depressed said "it made me feel belittled" – Oz notes the doctor did not have an answer, so he turned the guilt back on her
our dear Dr. Donnica Moore herself has chronic pain and notes it affects every aspect of your life – work, mobility, child care...  And that chronic pain leads to depression
Dr. Sean Mackey published a study on pain (can someone google this up, please?)
Dr. Julie Silver is a pain management specialist
Oz notes that doctors DO think you're crazy, it's all in your head.
#1 – they can't see your pain
      But it causes fundamental changes in your nervous system
     We now know pain is the concept of disease
#2 – most doctors have no pain management training
#3 – they tend to automatically assume drug-seeking behavior
      Mackey notes there is a huge problem with black-and-white thinking – either you are a druggie or doctors hand them out like candy because they don't know how to properly prescribe them
#4 – you're a woman
      even Dr. Donnica was denied proper treatment until she saw a female doctor
Mackey quotes "Pain is what the patient says it is"
the brain becomes trained to feel pain and when the stimulus is removed, the brain still reacts as it's been trained
Dr. Donnica says we need to change doctors' perspective, get the word out about this being real
4 questions to find a doctor to treat your chronic pain:
#1 – how much pain management training have you had?
       It may be only a few hours in medical school.  We don't have enough pain management specialists to go around to the 116M patients who need them
#2 – what is your approach?
      (surgery, pills, exercise, nothing)
#3 – how long until I see results?
#4 – how much will it cost?

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Rosemary Lee said...

Sean Mackey has a video on fibromyalgia. Its on youtube. I posted it on my blog. I only wish I could go to the Stanford Pain Clinic to see him!