Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R.I.P. Intrepid Warrior

Hello there everyone,

I have just been talking on the phone with Krissy - Gurli's daughter and
very sadly I learned that Gurli passed away very peacefully at around 1pm
BST today.

The card I sent on Saturday coincidentally arrived this morning local time
and Krissy took it to Gurli and she read all the messages sent from people

Krissy said that Gurli did squeeze her hand gently as an acknowledgement of
sorts so hopefully Gurli would have heard what we had all written before she
passed away.

Just thought everyone here should know.

In time I am going to put all of Gurli's articles on their own page.

Krissy is going to write something for me to post on that page and there are
other things that will be added in time.

Anyone who reads this and wishes to write any words for her page I will also
post there in time.

I have no doubt that Gurli passed away from complications of severe ME and
quite possibly other things that were not diagnosed because as we all know;
the diagnosis of ME allows
doctors not to bother with tests and investigations that would obviously
cost money to carry out.

So sad......... another passionate voice silenced.




In the early 17th century Galileo carried out a piece of groundbreaking
scientific research which seemed to show that for years the authorities had
been talking gibberish.

The establishment tried to quickly replicalte Galileos results but despite
their very best efforts were mysteriously unable to do so.

How do you explain the discrepancy between our results and yours? they asked
the astronomer.

"That's easy" replied Galileo "When I look through the telescope I always
try to ensure one eye remains open."

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