Monday, July 11, 2011

URGENT: HR 91 BULB Act re Incandescent Bulbs has an editorial on this subject today -- comment away!
We have gotten CFS, FMS, GWI, MCS reports of adverse effects of CFLs and fluorescent
lighting.  Many don't know what is wrong - they just don't "feel right" in this environment.
There are recent studies and position statements from medical charities and health care
providers regarding adverse impact of the critical flicker frequency rate (CFF) and/or
UVA/UVB, and EMF "dirty electricity" in these lights on persons with photosensitive epilepsy,
mild traumatic brain injury, migraines, lupus, diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias, autism, ADHD,
scotopsia, XP and others.  Please check out the website, for further

For this reason we have been contacting various representatives and senators with
information on the problem with depriving persons with these photosensitive disabilities
of the alternative lighting accommodation of incandescents which have none of these properties.
The Energy Act of 2008 contains a provision that will do this in a phased out process that begins
in January.  The Better Use of Light Bulbs (BULB) Act, HR 91, and its companion Senate bill
would stop this by removing the ban; giving time for the private sector to do more on energy-
efficient alternative lighting that does not pose a risk to persons with disabilities, and to healthy
people by the potential of toxic mercury poisoning during breakage incidents.

The creator of the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison, had dyslexia himself.
Please contact every member of Congress regarding this House of Representatives Bill
that has been promised to come out of Committee to the House Floor THIS WEEK - JULY 15
for a up or down vote.  The next two to three days are URGENT.  NOW IS THE TIME!

Canada has already delayed the implementation of its "green" ban by two years after scientists
and advocates educated decision makers.   Right to Light, based in the UK is now advising
persons with these disabilities to stock up on incandescents.  This will not take care of the
problem of limited access to public and private facilities, only provide safe lighting for their
own homes.  Without this, sunlight and candlelight are the recourse.

Speak your voice on this issue while the time is crucial for it to be heard.

Thanks so much.

Margaret Holt Baird
Disability and Environmental Activist
CFS/FMS/MCS/Tertiary Neuroborreliosis/Photosensitive epilepsy diagnoses

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