Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iGive.com - Change Online Shopping for Good

Select WPI as your charity of choice, and a portion of all purchases made via iGive will go to them.  OK, today's shopping spree only got them $1, but it was $1 they didn't have yesterday. 
If all 1 million CFS patients in the country were to spend enough to earn WPI $1 per month, that would be $12 million per year -- twice the research funds we've gotten from the government in our best year!
Drugstore.com (the online arm of Rite Aid) pays 4%, so mail order a single prescription for monthly delivery, and you've earned that $1 for WPI, and saved yourself a trip to the pharmacy.
Peapod and Safeway groceries are also on the list, for those of you who order groceries online.  Peruse the list and see how many places you can spend your money to help WPI.

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