Monday, June 13, 2011

Can Work Damage Your Health?

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Can work damage your health?

The Patient Experience has just launched a new blog on work and health.  It is guest blog which features and interview with Nick Kemsley,Co-Director of the Centre for HR Excellence, Henley Business School to gives his views on the effects of the work place on people's health!

It would be great to have your comments and thoughts about the issues involved and perhaps tell your story about how work has impacted on your heath!

To visit the blog please go to

Blogs are a wonderful way for our members to connect with each other.   This is a great opportunity for you to share with other members and enrich all our knowledge.  Do feel free to add any sources of information which you think will be of interest.

Feel free to share this blog with anyone you know might be interested.

If you have any suggestions for future blogs or please do let us know.

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The Patients Voice

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