Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Since it was essentially a prototype for inversion rides, Xcelerator had (and still has) its problems.  If there aren't enough people on board, it has difficulty ascending the tower and does a rollback.  This requires a reset and several test launches.   It also can't run in the rain….not even a light drizzle…because it hydroplanes.

I can find so many analogies here it's ridiculous.  Exciting new concept presented to us at CFSAC October 2009.  Huge horsepower with Annete Whittemore and Dr. Dan Peterson initially joining forces.  Not enough people on board with funding and replication studies.  Plenty of rollback.  Lots of rain.

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Comments on Ila Singh not finding XMRV -- welcome to the next round of the CFS roller coaster ride

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