Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Use your life to serve the world

"Use your life to serve the world" – Oprah
ARE you?
Even from your bed, you can send a supportive e-mail, make a cheering phone call, pray ... you can do things for others even if you're not able to do much for yourself. 
I have a clear memory of being horizontal with a sinus headache and getting a phone call from Peter, who was horizontal with his own problems ... and having to beg him to stop making me laugh, because it hurt!  But just by picking up the phone, he made my day, because he cared enough to make that call.
I'll remind you that many of our activists are homebound.  But we've made a difference.
Go back to prior years of this blog; some of the posts were written by touch-typing while lying down in a dark room.  That's how sick I was, but I was still able to share information to help others. 
People ask me how I've been able to ward off depression when I've been this sick this long.  Part of it is because I've stayed productive.  Blogging may not earn a paycheck, but it's something that I can do from bed.
I had discovered back in 1987 already that I can crochet granny square afghans from muscle memory; I actually don't need any functioning brain cells to do it.  So, when I'm well enough, I buy yarn and bag it up in baby blanket quantities.  When I'm sick, I grab a bag and go around and around ... when I run out of yarn, it's the right size.  No thought required.  When I have a dozen or so, I take them to the battered women's shelter, where I'm made to feel wonderful about my donation.
When I'm mentally alert but physically incapacitated, I get more hours of enjoyment for my dollar with counted cross-stitch.  I've made some inspirational pieces and donated them to medical facilities, where, again, I'm made to feel special because I made a donation, even if it was a project picked up for 50¢ at a yard sale in a $1 thrift store frame.
What can YOU do to be productive and serve the world?
At the very least, as the previous post suggests, e-mail Oprah and tell her the world needs to hear about CFS, ME, fibromyalgia, XMRV, HGRAD....

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