Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sanofi’s Zerhouni On Translational Research: No Simple Solution

Zerhouni says that such "bench to bedside" research is more difficult than he thought.

When he arrived at Sanofi, "I thought the solution would be simple," Zerhouni said at a recent R&D press event ...

While at the NIH, Zerhouni witnessed a lot of progress in basic science that had implications for human health. But those findings weren't being translated because clinician-scientists weren't receiving the right training, he said.

At pharma companies, most R&D scientists are too isolated — they talk primarily to those within their own company — and the experimental therapies that companies are developing are created without enough communication with the doctors who actually treat patients.

There needs to be a "re-do" in pharma R&D, Zerhouni said.


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