Sunday, April 24, 2011

"New research rattles hopes for many patients with chronic fatigue syndrome."

Below is the text of an email I sent to the author of the Chicago
Tribune article
"New research rattles hopes for many patients with chronic fatigue

Gerald R. Campbell, Ph.D.

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Subject: re: New research rattles hopes for many patients with chronic
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In regard to your article "New research rattles hopes for many patients
with chronic fatigue syndrome"
March 17, 2011, I feel that you have been led astray. As the original
researchers used the same reagents, primers and lab facilities in
analyzing both patient and control samples, any contamination would have
affected both classes. This would have led to a high rate of XMRV being
found in both populations, not only in one but not the other. I am
disturbed that a knowledgeable reporter, such as you appear to be, would
not even consider the experiment beyond what you got in one interview.
The CDC has been set on getting ME/CFS classified as a psychological
illness, ever since their two investigators went to Lake Tahoe and skied
the week away, and failed utterly to investigate the outbreak in Incline
Village some 30 miles away. By claiming that XMRV and related mouse
retroviruses are not present in the population they can continue to
pursue their dream of getting rid of any CFS research. Nor is this the
first time. They have succeeded in eliminating HHV-6a as a potential
factor by deliberately using a reagent that reacts both to HHV-6a and
HHV-6b (HHV-6a is present in about 80% of CFS patients, and MS patients,
while present in only <5% of healthy controls. They have thus not only
kept real research in CFS from going forward, they have also blocked
some research avenues into MS.

They have launched personal and professional attacks on honest
researchers who found evidence of immune system abnormalities, viral
infections and other physical factors, while simultaneously pushing
their own agenda - even to the extent of changing the very definition of
the disease itself. They have misappropriated earmarked Congressional funds for their own use, and when questioned about it stated that they would repay the embezzled funds just as soon as Congress had earmarked more funds for CFS research - effectively almost stating that they would embezzle any new grants.

Should you want a good investigative research article, I would commend
to your attention the story of how a chronic and debilitating illness
that affects more people than AIDS, has been systematically kept from
effective investigation. "Osler's Web" by Hillary Johnson would be a
good starting point.

Gerald R. Campbell, Ph.D.

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