Sunday, April 10, 2011

Moms on a Mission

Help advocate for children for Awareness Day, May  12th!

The National MOMS ON A MISSION (MOM) has raised funds  through their "Cents
for CFIDS" campaign to enable advocates a chance to  identify more children
with CFIDS/ME.  Last year, distributing booklets to  school nurses in their
towns helped identify children who were  misdiagnosed.  MOM raised enough
money this year to offer the booklet  "Guidelines for Schools: Understanding
and Accommodating Chronic Fatigue and  Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and
Fibromyalgia (CFIDS/FMS) to the first 30  nonmembers who reply to the National
CFIDS Foundation, Inc. so that  they may distribute them to the schools in
their area. 

All is needed is the advocates name and regular address so  that the number
of booklets requested may be sent out by the USPS within the  United
States.  The number of booklets will be sent when you let us know  how many
schools are in your town or district enabling you to distribute  one to each

One mother from MOM said the problem begins with getting a  diagnosis and
the consequences can be frightening.  She wrote,

   "It took three years and referrals to 5  specialists before my child was
    diagnosed and, by then, the school system  had labeled Michael as
    depressed and school phobic, filed against  me for neglect of my child's
    education and we got a 'no finding', they  took him to court as a
    It was so confusing.  One symptom  would leave and three others would
    appear or reappear.  None were  that unique, but they were so very
    intense.  And we were the lucky ones  with good medical coverage to
    keep pursuing it!  No child has the  resources to pursue this on their
    and Michael was too young to be able to  explain his complaints!"

MOM wants advocates to know that the children with CFIDS/ME  are counting
on you to help. Last year, there were eleven children identified  that they
heard about who had not been diagnosed correctly.  MOM  is hoping to make
that number higher this year but considers just one child  helped a major
success.  The National CFIDS Foundation continues to offer  their "children's
packet", consisting of over 30 pediatric medical journal  articles, for parents
to help with individual advocacy with  the children.

For better health,
Gail Kansky
President, National CFIDS Foundation, Inc.
103 Aletha Rd.
Needham, MA 02492-3931
_http://www.ncf-net.org_ ( 

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