Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Medicare and Blue Cross

I got to cancel my useless Blue Cross policy today. (Yay!)
He asked why I was cancelling, did I have a new policy?  Didn't tell him it was Medicare.  He asked when the new policy was effective; first of this month.  I joked whether this meant they were sending me a refund, and to my surprise he said they would if I'd send in a refund request when I fax back the written confirmation of cancellation.
My new Medicare card says that I'm covered for hospitalization back to 2005.  Since Blue Crap has been telling me for years that even though all my paperwork says PPO, I'm only covered for hospitalization, I'm going to see if they'll refund everything I've paid them going back to 2005.  Doesn't hurt to ask, and an extra 5 figures in my bank account would be nice.
So, make yourself a note that when your Medicare comes through and you cancel your existing health insurance, ask about a refund.

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