Sunday, April 10, 2011

ME/CFS Awareness Day is May 12

Raising and maintaining awareness in all sectors of the community about
the needs of people with ME/CFS, and reaching out to enlist support for
the ME/CFS cause, is more urgent now than ever before.

In an effort to encourage actions which will result in better health
outcomes for people with ME/CFS, please help to email or copy and
distribute this leaflet,  as one never knows who might read it and be
able to make a difference and advance the cause of ME/CFS.  A PDF link
is provided below.

What if you, or someone close to you, fell ill with Myalgic
Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)* and:

    * you can't get promptly diagnosed?
    * you can't find a ME/CFS doctor or specialist?
    * you can't receive medical treatments based on latest studies and

Teenagers, and people of all ages, may be bedridden or incapacitated for
months, or years, impacting their relationships, education, employment,
retirement, independence and quality of life.

*Help stop the suffering.* Talk to medical specialists, politicians, and
scientists, about treatments and funding for research, clinical trials,
and the establishment of specialist ME/CFS clinics.

Some of the latest research and developments can be accessed at: <>

Search for the pioneering and latest work of Prof Kenny De Meirleir.

For clinical studies and a treatment option for a subset of patients, go
to: <>


Print ME/CFS Awareness <> (PDF,

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