Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doctors Need to Know

We wanted to make sure you are aware of the Doctors Need to Know patient
advocacy project. Patients told us in the January survey they wanted
this project included in actions this year. Please go here to see the
simple instructions:

We are working to take charge and create a new perception of our
illness. Research does patients no good if physicians don't know about it. This project focuses on the ignorant physicians even more than those
already treating ME/CFS patients. Our hope is the next person who
describes the symptoms to their GP will not be given an inaccurate
diagnosis or ineffective or harmful treatment.
We are still receiving donations and gaining more members, now over
2,000. You can see that activity here:
We have the funds for the press release and the Public Service
Announcement video contest. Please go here to see the announcement:
Please help us spread the word about Doctors Need to Know.
Thank you.
Tina Tidmore
MCWPA Coordinator

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