Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Avoiding the Disability Claim 'Brush-Off' - What You Need to Know


Handy Tax said...

Governments are extremely inconsistent and unfair when it comes to Disability Benefits. Sometimes engaging a professional is worth it.

CFS Facts said...

My case dragged on for nearly 11 years. There were times I would've missed a deadline due to illness had it not been in the hands of a HEALTHY lawyer.

And especially with CFS/FMS, the decisions are often based on prejudice against the diagnosis rather than on what the patient can actually do. I was told by a judge that I could work if I just took anti-depressants and got counseling. That's going to do WHAT for the fever and swollen glands? But he thought he knew what CFS was, and nothing I said would persuade him otherwise. However, having a lawyer did make it more credible when we appealed and re-appealed and re-re-appealed.

You're SICK, you do not want to spend hours doing paperwork, and you definitely don't want to risk doing it wrong. Get a lawyer.

I was a paralegal, and even *I* got a lawyer.