Friday, March 4, 2011

Pain in the Workplace | NAIDW

A study found 89% of employees would rather work than stay home because of chronic pain.  Shoots down the prevailing theory that those of us with chronic pain conditions are just making excuses because we're too lazy to work.
"If you're worried about missing work because of chronic pain, or you're worried about telling your employer about your situation, it is important to note that there are really only two occasions when you must absolutely inform your boss: if you are requesting leave through the Family Medical Leave Act, or if you are requesting special accommodations under the American with Disabilities Act. Otherwise, you are not legally obligated to inform your boss of this personal issue. However, should your chronic pain start to impact work performance and attendance, it might be wise to discuss things with management."
Note that you can't invoke ADA after the fact -- you have to tell your boss that you're disabled and covered by ADA before you're fired.

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