Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letter from Dr. Lapp re HemispherX testing (excerpts)

I suspect that information relayed this past week to us will change the field of medicine forever. 

This difference has been explained as a "shift" in the genome attributed to time and distance. That is, over time viruses tend to mutate slightly, and it is not exceptional for viruses from one geographical region (Lombardi/Mikovits on the West Coast) to differ slightly from those in another region (Lo/Alter, East Coast).  This was seen, for example, in the 2009 swine flu epidemic where over 50 different strains of H1N1 were identified from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Now, here is the most intriguing part of our Hemispherx meeting.   It took hundreds of scientists at multiple sites ten years  to map out the 3 billion nucleotides in the normal human genome.   Dr. Carter introduced us to Howard Urnovitz, CEO of Chronix Biomedical.  Urnovitz revealed  that his research group is able to map genomes at a very rapid pace.  He expects that in the near future,  Chronix will be able to map your entire genome in under six hours  and for probably less than a $100 fee.   This is StarTrek medicine!

Urnovitz went on to explain that when apoptosis occurs, chimeras are spilled into the blood stream and can be extracted easily by his laboratory.  When his lab examined the genomes of persons with CFS they found chimeras made up of XMRV genes (but oddly missing their LTR regions).  .

This technology is wonderful news for PWCs because if  XMRV or MLV can be clearly shown to cause CFS, then we will have an inexpensive and unique  marker for the disorder!

The Chronix test is not currently available commercially, but Hemispherx plans to explore the use of this technology in future studies.  

These data suggest that subjects who are XMRV+ have an edge in responding to Ampligen, and that Ampligen may be a treatment for CFS.

Because AMP-511 is a treatment protocol and not a drug study, insurance may cover some or all of the expenses involved. 


We owe a great debt of gratitude to Dr. William Carter and Hemispherx Biopharma for developing  Ampligen – the only proposed treatment for CFS – and supporting research in CFS for over 22 years.  I know that Dr. Carter, his colleagues, and his company have experienced the same kind of humiliation and disdain that all of us involved with CFS have experienced, and it is a testament to their courage and determination that they have endured all these years when they could have abandoned CFS for more lucrative areas.

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