Friday, February 4, 2011

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

I lost my job in February 2000, and in February 2011 I was finally approved for Disability benefits!  Because I've been in the system so long, Medicare is effective immediately.
Unfortunately, the doctors I saw for the first couple of years were doctoring the records more than they were doctoring me, so their records didn't substantiate that I couldn't work, so I'm only getting back payments from October 2002 when I started seeing the good doctor.  But the important thing is ... I'm approved!
Of course, WPI is not taking Medicare, so I may need to keep paying for the overpriced health insurance to keep my ability to see them, but we will deal with that at some later date.  The important thing for today is to celebrate that the system works.
I'd been told 11 years ago that "benefits don't necessarily go to the sickest, but to the most persistent" and that's certainly been proven true -- I hired a lawyer who's healthy and doesn't forget deadlines, and left the mess in her lap.  She persisted and all I had to do was periodically show up for a meeting.

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