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XMRV Global Action's transcript of Dr Mikovits' interview with radio KRCB

XMRV Global Action's transcript of Dr Mikovits' interview with radio KRCB Jan 14, 2011
.by XMRV Global Action on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 5:58pm.
The content is very familiar but here's the transcript for those of you who just can't get enough XMRV, and are interested in what was said.... May also save you the time of listening to it :)
XMRV Global Action's partial transcript of Dr Mikovits' interview with radio KRCB
Bruce Robinson for KRCB interviews Dr. Judy Mikovits,
January 14, 2011
A recently discovered virus called XMRV has been associated with two very different medical conditions.
Dr. Mikovits:
We've identified a new family of human retroviruses, known as the gammaretroviruses, of which XMRV is the first to be isolated, which we did last year, and those are implicated now in CFS, a neurological disease, as well as the original discovery implicated them as playing a role in prostate cancer.
That's Judy Mikovits… she explains that this human retrovirus, only the 3rd such virus already identified, seems to amplify the effects of disease.  She adds that it may also come to be used as a biological marker for the early identification of those men most at risk for aggressive prostate cancers.
Dr. Mikovits:
The virus is present in the most aggressive types of prostate cancer.  Right now, we take a "watch and wait" attitude because we don't know in which person the cancer will kill them, and in which the cancer will be controlled by the immune system.  But if this is a biomarker of the most aggressive cancer, then we can have a better treatment protocol and save millions of dollars in public health by not treating people who don't need treatment as early, and really change the way we treat prostate cancer.
Association with CFS
… We have associated XMRV with a significant portion of the cohorts throughout America, and the group of Dr Lo and Alter at the FDA and NIH confirmed that on the East Coast.  There have been several groups also in Spain, Norway and Belgium where we have identified the virus, very high numbers of CFS.
… Recent research suggests that 4% or more of all Americans may be infected with the retrovirus, which is called that because it reverses a section of DNA.  Mikovits says those carriers can be identified with a series of tests.
Dr. Mikovits:
We don't know where inside the body right now is the major reservoir of the virus, where it's hiding.  So we test by culturing the virus out of every patient's blood.  We also look for the immune response, so if you're making the antibodies to the retrovirus, then you are infected with the retrovirus.
But when there is a positive test, she adds, the infection is there to stay.
Dr. Mikovits:
The DNA of the virus is integrated into your cells for the life of those cells, so it is a lifelong infection.
Because XMRV was only recently identified and isolated, its possible effects and associations are quite controversial, and they are only beginning to be studied.  New areas of inquiry include possible associations with Lyme Disease, breast cancer, and other cancers.

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