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What they are doing is a crime against humanity

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Special Edition

Norwegian blogger Merutt with
comment from Meirleir on
contamination papers

December 20, 2010, 11:13:07 PM

From Merutt:

Prof. Kenny De Meirleirs uttalelse om de 5
publiserte kontaminerings-studiene:

"The contamination by mouse material was excluded
in our study, that of Lo and that of Lombardi et al.
We are not using PCR as a basis of the test but
human prostate cancer cells that do not express
RNase L so the virus from patient's blood can grow
in it. We also sequence the virus and I can assure
you it is not mouse material.

Governments and insurance companies are horrified
by the idea that there is a new retrovirus out there
that has infected 10 times more people than HIV up
to date. My preliminary data show that the virus
does not grow in culture anymore after Nexavir +
GcMAF although the procedure was identical to the
pretreatment culture.

In the next months more will come from our side. A
study with healthy blood donors, ME patients who
got ill immediately after blood transfusion and ME
patients who gave blood after they got ill will be
published in the first half of 2011.

What these 5 are doing to the patients is a crime against humanity.

Kenny De Meirleir"

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Contamination against WPI

By Mike Turris,

Monday 20 December 2010

One wonders who may have engaged
five different groups to challenge the
data from WPI and come up with the
same conclusion on the same day:

This study highlights the ubiquitous presence of
mouse DNA in laboratory specimens and offers a
means of rigorous validation for future studies of
murine retroviruses in human disease.

It is, therefore, vital that contamination by mouse
DNA be monitored with adequately sensitive assays
in all samples tested.

In the investigation of XMRV infection in patients of
CFS and prostate cancer, researchers should
prudently evaluate the test kits for the presence of
endogenous MLV as well as XMRV genomes prior to
PCR and RT-PCR tests.

We propose that XMRV might not be a genuine
human pathogen.

These findings raise important questions regarding
the provenance of XMRV and its potential connection
to human disease.

Contamination, contamination, and
contamination everywhere…

If its contamination, why aren't the control groups
testing positive in the same numbers as people
with ME/CFS? And why is there an antibody
response? Seems like someone is desperate on a
mission there... What a huge blow!


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