Sunday, January 2, 2011

Update on WashPost Ad Campaign

The image of a retrovirus on a black background, originally published as an ad in the December 6th issue of the Washington Post, was sent to countless Congressmembers and Senators in response to a Time for Action Campaign earlier this month.
It's impossible to gauge the impact of patients taking action by letting their Congressional delegation know how serious ME/CFS is. And it is also impossible to get an accurate figure of how many patients and others affected by ME/CFS participated.
One can be sure of an absolute minimun count from a review of messages sent to the email contact given.  Those messages came from people who not only went through the cumbersome process of finding their House Members and Senators but then went back to notify TFA.  Certainly many did not get this far.  This review results in a tally of 153 contacts made, most by fax. More than 16 states were represented, and several people reported positive responses.
For example, Senator Burr of North Carolina reportedly expressed interest in increased funding for ME/CFS. And the point person for health on Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen's staff stated he would definitely bring the ad to his boss's attention.

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