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Could XMRV Be the New AIDS?

Could XMRV Be the New
AIDS? the Red Cross Halts
Blood Donations from CFS

The Red Cross Halts Donations from CFS
Sufferers Because of Xenotropic Murine
Leukemia Virus-related Virus

Cassandra Antares,
Yahoo! Contributor Network
Dec 18, 2010

In the fall of 2009, scientist released findings that
XMRV [Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related
virus] known as a new retrovirus was found in 68 of
101 Chronic fatigue sufferers.

Scientist are not sure of what the new retrovirus
discovered in 2006 will entail, however the Red Cross
as of Nov. 2010 counciled by the CDC has issued a
warning, that the Red Cross should no longer except
donations of blood from CFS patients as of Dec.

Statistics have shown that 3 to 5 % of the
population is already infected with XMRV, the CDC
panel fears it could be in the blood supply.

There are three retrovirus' discovered in humans,
T cell leukemia, The HIV virus, and now XMRV.

Dr. Paul Cheney was one of the first scientist that
has been on the forefront of CFS research since the
first known outbreak of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at
Lake Tahoe decades ago.

Research now is more directed and unified since his
efforts, and of others to gain knowledge as to what
this illness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome really

The symptoms of CFS are flu-like symptoms, fevers,
and debilitating malaise that lasts for more than a
regular flu incubation period.

The meaning of retrovirus is a virus that has the
capability to enter a red blood cell, and after its
intrusion will replicate.

One thing, however, that is different from the XMRV
and HIV is that it replicates at a slower pace. I
suppose that is a good thing.
Research as of now, states that the new retrovirus is
spread through blood, or the sharing of bodily fluids.



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