Sunday, January 2, 2011

CFS on White House Chronicles

Llewellyn King's TV/Radio syndicate program White House Chronicles ran a
piece on CFS on his December 20th end-of-the-year TV show for 2010. It's
called "Looking Back at 2010." The TV episode is in the upper right
corner of the web link below.

After you click the link for the show, color bars will appear with a
tone for a few moments, and then the program starts up. Llewellyn King
starts talking about CFS and how devastating it is. He goes on to talk
about /The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating/.
Submitted by Pat Fero <>:

I finally got around to looking at the 2 min video on The Sound of a
WILD SNAIL Eating.  Llewellyn King at the White House Chronicles, a
TV/radio/print syndicate, is quite a character and a good advocate for
CFS. If you click into the link below and then look at the DEC 20th TV
show, click WATCH, the segment is within a minute of the beeps & color
bars at the beginning of the show. IT IS about the book, but more about
King learning how AWFUL this disease is....

There is a transcript, too.

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