Monday, December 13, 2010

What I Offered Was All I Had to Give « My CFS Life

 Am I truly required to give up all enjoyment of life in order to fit another's wishes? 
* * *
This was the big surprise when I lost my job.  After 12 years of  working
full-time with CFS, I'd forgotten what life was like when I didn't need  to
conserve energy to make it through a week at work.  It had become so  second
nature that I was no longer giving it any thought.  Suddenly, I  could think
"gee, I wish I could go there" and realize that there was no reason  I
couldn't.  If spending a few hours on the bus to get to a specialty  store laid
me out for a couple days, so what?  I had nothing else I  had to do that

I came to realize that I'd had very little Quality of Life while working 
because being well enough to work meant constricting life in so many other 
ways.  Now that I was too sick to work, I actually had more Quality of Life 
because I could go to a movie if I wanted to -- I was doing things that were
more enjoyable than merely working and resting up to go back to work.

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Elisa said...

Thanks for Your terrific blog I look forward to reading it everyday...I have ME/cfs too. Elisabeth