Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pass it on!

Submitted by Mary Schweitzer <>:

We've got two mainstream articles on XMRV, two good interviews with Laura Hillenbrand recognizing the severity of her disease, and a very empathic BBC article on M.E. in just this past week!

Okay, everybody, go to work, - go to the article website, click "mail to," and mail those articles out to anybody you can think of.

We want the media to know these stories are popular - and they ought to be!

The point isn't to respond - don't criticize them [I wasn't crazy about the NY Times one]. In this exercise, we just pass them on through their own "mail to" system (usually an envelope on the page to click on).

If you can't find that, then still pass on the URL to as many friends as possible, because they count hits.

AND WE WANT THEM TO KNOW THESE ARTICLES GENERATE LOTS OF HITS (=INTEREST)! [For that matter, maybe doing this can help CREATE lots of interest]

So here they are:

Newsweek on everything:

New York Times:

Wall Street Journal:

Washington Post:


Forward away!

Mary Schweitzer
* * *
The more hits they get, the more times the story is e-mailed, the more likely they are to continue covering the subject.  Send it to yourself.  Send it to the person who sent it to you. 

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